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We are here to help you find anything you need to buy online or at the nearest store. Communicate with sellers through WhatsApp without having to save their numbers on your phone! Compare products sold online and in different stores near you, order via WhatsApp or pick up from store in-person. Storeleaks will save your time and effort. No more wandering around from store to store, just search, browse, choose and buy, as simple as 1,2,3…

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Whatever you are looking for, we will help you find it! We know that people are busier ever than before and there are plenty of things on our daily to-do lists, don’t waste your time in the malls store-to-store trying to find the perfect bag or shoe, Storeleaks is here to rescue you! With Storeleaks you don’t need to wait for delivery, you can try before you buy and get what you need right away from the store. And if you decide to buy online, you can chat directly with the sellers and ask any questions you have.
With Storeleaks we make sure you have the perfect shopping experience, here’s how we can help:

Are You A Retailer Or A Seller?

Do you own a real store or do you sell online or both? Are you looking for more customers? Sign up for Storeleaks today and broadcast your goods and services to potential nearby customers.

What Is Storeleaks

Storeleaks is a marketplace connecting potential customers looking for products with nearby retailers and local online sellers. More than 50% of all shoppers in UAE would like to browse the products online first and then make the purchase in-store and this is why we created Storeleaks. Also, because online shopping is very popular in UAE, Storeleaks evolved to include options for online-only sellers. We are here to disrupt the shopping experience online and in-store!

What We Do

We’ve built our beta version of our website, Android and iPhone apps. We help retailers and sellers broadcast their goods to the entire city and let local potential customers know what they have and where they are. Customers also can chat directly with sellers for queries via WhatsApp.

Our Users

Since our soft launch, thousands of UAE and Dubai based customers are visiting our website and searching for products and this is why we are reaching out to more retailers and sellers to join our platform. With Storeleaks you can:
StoreLeaks is the best of both worlds.The convenience of buying online… With the experience of buying it in person.Click the link to sign up, and find the best stuff nearby right now