About us

The Founders

Sarah Taher (CEO, Co-Founder)

Sarah Taher is the CEO and co-founder of Storeleaks, a searchable platform for streetside brick and mortar stores to broadcast their products to the online world helping buyers locate their products.

After creating an online women community back in 2011, Sarah noticed that online shopping wasn’t suitable for everyone. Through the community Sarah noticed a trend of people seeking recommendations on where to buy products. This was the spark that later led to the development of Storeleaks, a platform that helps customers locate their desired products in the nearest by location through allowing streetside offline stores to upload their goods on Storeleaks.

Prior to founding Storeleaks, Sarah founded muglatte.com, which is an online women magazine. Sarah graduated from The German University In Cairo with a BSC in Computer Science & Engineering.

Ahmed Ali (CTO, Co-Founder)

Ahmed Ali is a senior UI designer. He has worked as a part of many startups and he himself launched Maznooq App which was featured in many media outlets including The Huffington Post. Ahmed holds a Bs in Law from Tanta University. He is a self taught UI designer, a hardworker and a very creative person.

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