Hello World!


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Hello World!!!

Storeleaks the new social platform is up and running!

So what is Storeleaks? buying things online is not for everyone. Many of us find ourselves in situations where you want to buy something in person from a nearby store and not from an online store where you have to pay for additional delivery charges, wait to receive your stuff and maybe at the end you find the items not satisfactory! So storeleaks basically allows you to locate your desired products in the nearest by stores… as simple as that!

Also, if you own or manage a traditional street side store now you can broadcast your products to potential customers through creating a Storeleaks account for your store.

If you want to know more about the founders you can find more info in the About section.

Storeleaks is up and will be very soon ready to help you search and locate your desired items………..and until then you can watch this video:


Thanks for everyone who took time to read this and share it on social media. I am very enthusiastic about Storeleaks and as I said earlier it has just been launched and soon will be available for everyone to use and more information will follow on this blog so stay tuned…


N.B: for store owners, creating accounts at the moment is limited and can only be done via invitations, if you are interested in creating an account for your store please contact us through our Facebook page.


Sarah Taher


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