Android App & New Features – Now you can!

storeleaks android app
Storeleaks Android App. Photo Credit: Bigstock

So, I am happy to tell you that now you can help your community! You no longer need to own a store to be able to use Storeleaks! Now you can create an account for yourself and start uploading photos of items you find helpful to other people in your community/area.

Here is how it works:

After you sign up to storeleaks do the following:

storeleaks add item
Click on the menu, then choose Add items.
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Storeleaks add item
Don’t select anything if you are uploading and you don’t own a store only fill out the rest of the required fields.
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But this is not all, YES we now have an Android App that you can download from google play here!

android storeleaks app
Storeleaks Android App
Photo credit: Storeleaks


Thanks everyone, I will keep updating you all inshallah 🙂


Sarah Taher


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