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Antique Museum Dubai
Antique Museum Dubai ~ Photo Credit: FB

The Antique Museum is a very special destination that specializes in an incredible range of amazing gifts, handicrafts & antique products.  The place is one of the largest collections of gifts and souvenir in town. You will be amazed by their collection. The prices are very competitive but it is still one of the highly recommended places to visit in Dubai. You’ll find souvenirs from all over the world! They actually produce souvenirs in that place so it offers a very nice experience too.

Antique Museum Dubai Sand Watch
Antique Museum Dubai Sand Watch ~ Photo Credit: FB

The place is a hidden gem in Dubai and you can ask them to ship your purchases to your country for little additional cost.  Everything is handmade and of good quality and price. You can also experience the traditional Arabic perfumes with prices ranging from AED 10 to AED 500.

Visitors reported seeing a very unique collection of gifts and arts hardly seen anywhere else in Dubai. One visitor even bought some old African arts and gifts!

Antique Museum Dubai Plates
Antique Museum Dubai Plates ~ Photo Credit: FB

The place is not really a museum but rather an interesting colorful souvenir bazar where you can find souvenirs related to different countries of the world; from Dubai, Africa, Indonesia, Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, Nepal, and a variety of other countries are all available here!

The Antique Museum is Spread across 4 warehouses fully stacked with goods and small narrow passages in between thousands and thousands of items and products. Some of the things you can expect to find there are:

  • Souvenirs and antiques
  • bamboo bowls
  • plates and porcelain cups
  • Russian dolls
  • Arabic lamps and candleholders
  • tea sets and coffee pots
  • pashmina shawls
  • table cloths and bed linen
  • small furniture
  • Hand painted t-shirts and caps
  • fridge magnets
  • Sailor compasses
  • Turkish weapons
  • Moroccan tagine pottery
  • African Masks
  • endless other decorative bits and pieces.
Antique Museum Dubai Baskets
Antique Museum Dubai Baskets ~ Photo Credit: FB

The place is highly recommended and there are some fabulous bargains to be snapped up!

  • Antique Museum Location: 12B, Al Quoz Industrial Area – Dubai
  • Contact Number: 04 347 9935
  • Working Hours:
Friday 9AM–8:30PM
Saturday 9AM–8:30PM
Sunday 9AM–8:30PM
Monday 9AM–8:30PM
Tuesday 9AM–8:30PM
Wednesday 9AM–8:30PM
Thursday 9AM–8:30PM


It is worth mentioning that The Antique Museum is a Fakih Group Company. They are Asia’s largest small scale and cottage industry developers and world’s largest women craft developers. The Fakih Group is also one of the leaders in the international arena of trading , manufacturing and exporting of different categories of souvenirs and traditional gifts. The company produces eco-friendly products with available raw materials like bamboo, sea shells, stone carving, wood, clay, coir, jute and different kinds of clothing material. The recognize the importance of every women and they seek to preserve the tradition of each countries by providing the designs and raw materials to more than 3850 artisans to their 14 manufacturing countries such as UAE, India, Thailand Nepal, Indonesia, China, Burma, Vietnam , Turkey, Cambodia, Philippines, Africa & Sri Lanka.



Other Locations to find The Antique Museum Products:

Aladin’s Cave Trdg. LLC:
Karama Shopping Complex, Karama, Dubai – Tel.: +971 5 877 9856
Gifts Tent:
Karama Shopping Complex, Karama, Dubai –Tel.: +971 4 335 4416
Gifts World Trdg. LLC:

Karama Shopping Complex, Karama, Dubai – Tel.: +971 4 335 8097
Tabsa Tradg. LLC:

Karama Shopping Complex, Karama, Dubai – Tel.: +971 4 335 9635
Ibn Al Saada Tradg.LLC:

Karama Shopping Complex, Karama, Dubai – Tel.: +971 4 336 7309
Gifts Rack:

Heritage Village (Shop No:2), Near Shindagha Tunnel Bur Dubai, Dubai – Tel.: +971 4 393 6645
Aladin’s Cave Trdg. Br.:

Souk Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai – Tel.: +971 5 877 9856
Gift World Trdg. Br.:
Souk Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai – Tel.: +971 5 165 2720
Gift World Trdg. Br.:
Jebel Ali Golf Resort, Dubai – Tel.: +971 4 883 4849
Antique Museum Trading:
Tourist Club Area , Abu Dhabi – Tel.: +971 2 644 7050
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