Where To Buy Mermaid Tails In Dubai – Online And In-Store

Mermaid Tails Dubai
Mermaid Tails Dubai ~ Photo Credit: Flickr @Claudia Chiaramonte

Girls all over Dubai LOVE Mermaid Tails! If your girl’ve been asking for one don’t worry your are not alone… Mermaid tails are always cool and girls never get bored from them. Even personally I myself when I was a child and watched Disney’s famous “Little Mermaid” I wanted to be a mermaid for sometime 🙂  So if you are wondering where to buy a mermaid tail here’s your list of where to buy Mermaid Tails in Dubai.


Mermaid Dubai

Mermaid Dubai is a one of the popular sellers of mermaid tails in Dubai. Their mermaid tails are designed and made in Germany. The store was launched by a woman that wanted it for her daughter but then and because of the excitement she saw in her daughters eyes decided to bring this product to other kids in Dubai! You can chat with them via WhatsApp for any questions about their products here. You’ll also find some of their products catalogue, prices and locations.


Dubai Mermaids

Dubai Mermaids is the largest regional manufacturer of swimmable mermaid tails costumes. They have both brick and mortar stores and an online store coordinated with Aramex so you can receive your order within 24-48 hrs. They worked hard through the years and modified the mermaid tails design and materials ever since they first introduced this concept to the gulf.

Store locations:

  • Ibn Battuta Mall | Persia Court Opposite Mothercare – Tel: 0562628779
  • Town Center Jumeriah | Next To Mercato Mall – Tel: 0569261878

You can also contact them on this number for orders and general inquiries: +971 04 344 2077

you can also chat with them via WhatsApp and check out their products catalogue and prices here.


Daisy Chain

This one does’t provide swimmable mermaid tails but rather wearable mermaid tails blankets! Yes that is also “in” and girls like it; if you are looking for a gift idea for a girl then this is the perfect one.

Store location:

  • Raha Beach  – Abu Dhabi
  • Springs – Dubai

You can contact them here: 0562021312


Dragon Mart

The Chinese Market in Dubai! Of course if not there then where? One lady reported that she bought hers from there and you can actually find variations like mermaid tails with open tails from the bottom because some parents are concerned about their kids safety while using the traditional mermaid tail that restricts the free movement of the feet.


You may be unsure about the benefits – if any – of investing in those mermaid tails for your daughter; after all a mermaid tail looks like a dream come true for her, so here are some of the benefits and advice on using the mermaid tail that would give you an idea and help you make the decision:

  • The mermaid tails are made for good swimmers who can swim well underwater and NOT for beginners.
  • The supervision of parentis is still required while children are using the product.
  • It helps children strengthen their muscles and therefore take their swimming skills to another level.
  • Mermaid Tails are NOT to be considered a swimming aid.
  • They are super fun!!!


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