Where to buy Manuka Honey in Dubai in-store

Manuka Honey Dubai
My delicious Manuka honey!

I bought manuka honey from Holland And Barrett at Mirdif City Centre 250g jar for 219 AED after it was recommended to me by a friend. Manuka honey is known as the healthy healing honey because of it’s antibacterial qualities.

At the store, the nice lady working there recommended that I take 1-2 teaspoon every day first thing in the morning or you can add it to your tea or other foods and drinks as sweetner.

Some of the magical uses of manuka honey:

  • Helps heal acne and eczema by applying the honey on the affected areas.
  • In acute cases, it improves the healing of woonds, burns and alcers because of it’s anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory characteristics.
  • Manuka honey helps reduce plaque and bleeding for people with gingivitis.
  • Helps in healing sore throat and imporve immunity performance.
  • Helps reduce seasonal allergy and sinusitis.
  • Manuka honey helps promote restful sleep.
  • It is also used for beauty, for example can be used as a facial mask.
  • Helps healing in cases of small intestine bacterial over growth, acid reflux and low stomach acid. It balances your digestive system to heal intestinal and stomach imbalances.
  • And many many more!

My review: as a person whom loves honey, Manuka honey tastes so good 🙂


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