Cool Beach Towels, Ponchos And Accessories in Dubai

beach towels dubai
It's Summer Time! Looking for beach towels in Dubai? Photo Credit: Pixabay

The weather in Dubai is about to be best! And that means that now is the prime time to stock up on a beach and pool essentials for your summer-happy kiddos. Whether you’re on the hunt for beach towels, ponchos, beach picnic blankets, totes or other beach essentials there’s no need to worry because we’ve got you covered, here is a list of top storeleaks beach accessories selles!


beach towels dubai ponchos
beach towels dubai ponchos @Omasi


The Dubai homegrown bespoke beach brand; they offer a very nice selection of beach towels, ponchos, hooded ponchos, ponchos with pom poms and totes. You can check Omasi collection here and order via whatsapp or visit them in the stores they showcase. Do us a favor and DON’T FORGET TO MENTION STORELEAKS :)))

beach picnic blankets dubai
beach picnic blankets dubai Photo Credit: Obaba

Obaba Dubai

OBABA The beach picnic blanket concept! Spacious,Wind resistant,Compact,Light,Natural comes in  3 sizes and many different colors. All items are  Made in France with a very high quality production. Check our their beach picnic blankets collection and contacts here. You can whatsApp for oders or make your purchase @La Galerie Nationale store. And please do us a favor and DON’T FORGET TO MENTION STORELEAKS :)))


Beach Hats and Accessories Dubai
Beach Hats and Accessories Dubai Photo Credit: M&M

M&M Beach Accessories

If you are looking for cool beach accessories like hats, sandals, bags and more make sure you check M&M beach accessories collection here.

mermaid tail dubai
mermaid tail dubai Photo Credit: mermaid dubai

Mermaid Tails For Your LO

If you are looking for mermaid tails for your little girls, look no more here’s a very nice collection of swimmable mermaid tails from different sellers. Also they have mermaid and shark blankets in case you are also looking for those! You can order via WhatsApp, and some sellers offer in-store experience.


We’ll keep this list always updated… want to add your business? Contact us: [email protected]


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