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Photo Credit: Prestige Window Film

If you haven’t tried an installation service before then you can check out my review here about a window film installation service I personally tried in Dubai. ┬áSome people think installing window tints for their houses is something extra and unnecessary cost, but if you’re living in Dubai think again! Did you know that by not installing window films to your windows it may actually be costing you even more? Here are the top reasons you need to install window tints:

They Are Super Easy To Install:

Getting your windows tinted is a 2 hours experience if you find the right people to do it for you. It took the company – Prestige Window Film – 2 hours to tint all the windows of my house (2 floors) so it is not much of a bother specially that you need to re-install them once every 10 years! If you are willing to contact Prestige Window Film plz find their phone number and WhatsApp here.

Heat reduction:

So Dubai is like super hot specially during summer and for most of the year you won’t be able to make it without your AC on but if you use window tints the amount of heat entering your house through the windows will be greatly reduced increasing your AC performance and resulting in a more efficient electricy bill.

Interiors Protection:

Without home tinting expect that some damage will happened to the flooring, curtains, carpets, furniture and other items inside your house.

Added Privacy:

your privacy is very important you definitely don’t want people to be able to see you and the interiors of your house during the day specially if you are living in a small villa compound in Mirdif area for example you will need the one way window tinting to protect your privacy while still being able to enjoy the light of day.

Extra Safe:

Installing window tints will also make your windows safer in case they break and instead of shatter into pieces and causing injuries, instead window tints will hold parts of the glass together.

Skin And Health Protection:

Unless you want to apply sun protection cream inside your house, you should install privacy window films to your windows because exposure to sun rays even if you are inside of the house can affect the health of your skin on the long run.



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