How I Get 50 AED Costumes For My Kids In Dubai – Review

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So you’re a mom – like me – and your kids have a school event/party and you want to buy them costumes.  I know how costly this can be, especially if you have more than 1 child. Some time ago, I stumbled upon a nice lady based in Mirdif renting out kids costumes for only 50 AED! And this is how I decided to list her on Storeleaks.

The Crazy Costumes is a kids costumes rental service in Dubai and I love it! There are many reasons why I love it:

  • It is much cheaper to rent than to buy. On average, a costume for my daughter would cost at least around 160 AED for something she’s probably gonna wear only once.
  • If you think you need to buy your kids costumes instead of rental because they are going to be reusing it again in any upcoming event, this is not going to happen because they will probably want to wear something different.
  • If you buy a costume, kids will outgrow it fast and it will not be possible for them to wear it next year for example.
  • Even if your kids like to pretend play, you can just buy them 2-3 costumes but trust me when there’s a school event they won’t be able to use those costumes because they’ll be in a miserable condition and all worn out and then again, you’ll still need to buy new costumes.
  • Because I’ve been to many kids costumes shops in Dubai, trust me she has a bigger collection. I am sure you’ll find something your kids like. Unlike shopping for new costumes from the store where for some unknown reason they seem to have a limited collection and sizes.
  • As a bonus, you can ask the rental service for accessories to add to your costume. Any eye patch for a pirate’s costume, a wand for a witch or whatever… If you can name it, they are sure to have it!

This is why I came to the conclusion of renting kids costumes. I review things I tried and liked in person on the Storeleaks blog. This is not a sponsored post. I’ve not been paid to write this. I just wanted to share this knowledge because I often meet people who feel excited about the service when I share my experience with them.

You can contact here via WhatsApp here (Craze Costumes)  and because this is Storeleaks, you don’t need to save her number on your phone! Our website makes it easy to contact sellers through WhatsApp without having to save their number on your phone!

** I would like to add, that in addition to the 50 AED rental charge, you’ll have to pay 100 AED deposit which you will get refunded when you return the costume.

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